22+ Jungkook Eyebrow Piercing Sowoozoo Pics

22+ Jungkook Eyebrow Piercing Sowoozoo Pics. Jungkook's suspected eyebrow piercing in bts new music video 'butter' has left fans wondering if his new appearance is real or fake. V then took one of the gems and sadly, jungkook eyebrow piercing turns out to be fake, luckily for us, we get to see how good looking he was wearing it.

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Jungkook is not letting armys rest. Jungkook confirmed that his eyebrow piercing is real! Bts jungkook and v shock fans with tongue and eyebrow piercing during bts muster sowoozoo concert#bts #jungkook #mustersowoozoolive.

Jungkook's tattoos and eyebrow piercing in bts muster sowoozoo (2021) подробнее.

Jungook loves piercing and his eyebrow piercing is super attractive and impressive. The first day of bts 2021 muster sowoozoo concluded on sunday evening. Jungkook is also known by fans as the king of sold out, with the most recent happening being the kombucha craze that occurred after his vague mentioning of a. Jungkook's eyebrow piercing has been a hot topic ever since bts's butter music video dropped, but is it really real now?